CoffeeShop Company ( City Square ) 2019

A brand you can trust

CoffeeShop Company ( City Square ) 2019

“Perfect ambience, pleasant surroundings. Enjoy your life to the fullest and
rejoice in the taste of a cup of good coffee from CoffeeShop Company.
The Austrian Coffeeshop franchise was the first to open in Egypt. With
more than 25 branches, it is one of the largest chains. The coffee used at
Coffeeshop Company is grown at farms owned by the mother company and
is roasted in its own roasting facilities. Only 100% Arabica coffee beans are
used for our coffee products. We want to emphasize our roots and want to
become ambassadors of the Viennese coffeehouse tradition. With a total
of 300 branches all over the world, including USA, Germany, UAE, Czech
Republic, Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Morocco, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
Iraq, Cyprus, Poland, Slovakia and even China”

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Brand Terms & Conditions

يمكنك إستخدام أكثر من كوبون في
ساري طوال أيام العام ماعدا الاجازات
والأعياد الرسمية ورمضان.
ساري على الطلبات داخل المطعم
برجاء إظهار كتاب بوجو بلس عند
الطلب لتفعيل الكوبون

Main Address:

Rehab City, City Square in front of Rheab city gate 6.

Main Phone Number:

0226933099 - 01093801144