Coffee break 2019

A brand you can trust

Coffee break 2019

“The Best Restaurant located at the Patio Mall New Cairo
that serve daily unique open buffet breakfast and brunch
in Egypt, with the perfect partnership of outstanding
hospitality and exquisite food in an iconic setting at
the charming indoor and outdoor restaurant and café

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Complimentary Cupcakes

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Complimentary sandwich with drink and dessert

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Complimentary breakfast meal with drink and dessert

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Brand Terms & Conditions

يمكنك استخدام اكثر من كوبون
في الزياره
العرض ساري طوال العام
العرض ساري علي الطلبات التيك اواي
وطلبات التوصيل
برجاء إظهار كتاب بوجو بلس عند
الطلب لتفعيل الكوبون.

Main Address:

"Al Rehab City : Shop No. G1 New Eastern Market, Rehab 2"

Main Phone Number:

01000470425 - 01000088974