How it works

We have made it easy!

How it works?

1) All offers can be used any time during the opening hours except public holidays unless otherwise stated. Ramadan rules may vary.

2) Once you are at the venue of your choice make sure to present it prior to ordering/ booking or reserving.

3) You can keep the BOGO plus coupons of choice in your wallet at all times, or keep the whole book in your car to make best use of this great product.

4) Please make sure to carefully read the instructions as well as the terms and conditions on the backside of each coupon.

5) BOGO plus offers are valid only for items specified on the coupons included in BOGO Plus book. 

6) BOGO plus coupons cannot be switched with other offers or items at the venue and cannot be sold or bartered for cash.

7) Make Sure to always have your book with you while visiting the Adventure places  to verify your coupons