About BOGO Plus

BOGO is the abbreviation of Buy One Get One, which represents the idea of getting two products or services with the price of one. When choosing our brands, we tend to ask questions about the quality and manners of the brand. As a result, we can guarantee that you’ll find all of our brands enrolled genuinely Top-notch. BOGO plus is the First and Biggest Buy One Get One Free book of coupons in Egypt, launched in 2012. For the past years, it encouraged book holders to explore new places, enjoy their times and visit their favorite brands, all with paying for a product or a service while getting the other one free.

You will feel the BOGO plus saving power from the first coupon used, the saving is massive per transaction, it is not a 10 nor even 20 percent, it is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE With millions of BOGO plus transactions at participating brands and hundreds of millions worth of transactions’ value in the past few years, BOGO plus is the right thing to have in all occasions.

Since 2012, we have been providing our customers with fun outings for you and the entire family and friends. We have started in 2012 with 58 brands and now in volume 8, we give the luxury of enjoying BOGO plus deals and platinum tickets at over 200 brands around 1000 branches.

We are trusted by Emirates NBD. We have created mini corporate booklets for RAYA group of companies as well as Tele-Performance along with special deals with lots of other mega-corporates. Volume 8 contains over 1000 buy one get one free coupons which is worth more than 180,000 EGP worth of free value. It is valid for a year or more, giving you all the time you need for using all the coupons you prefer in the book.