About BOGO Plus

BOGO plus ….
It’s not only about exploring more, saving more, discovering more places, enjoying new experiences it’s all
those together
Serving you lots of top-notch brands that you already know and lots of other great brands you should explore
all with Buy One Get One Free coupons.
BOGO plus is the number One Buy One Get One free coupons book in Egypt since 2012, enclosing the best
brands covering all aspects of our lives with only top-notch brands and best customer service.
BOGO stands for
Buy One Get One
We are not only settled with more than 1000 coupons valid till the end of 2019, we are also offering a unique
Platinum experience with our 14 Platinum Tickets in each BOGO plus edition that you can use at more than
40 different brands altered monthly with extreme deals, by following the BOGO plus Facebook page or
getting enrolled in our What’s App channel mentioned on the back-side of the platinum tickets.